I know I'm not imagining things because I actually wrote an article praising this behavior on the iPhone.

Previously, when playing voice audio (e.g. podcasts), Apple Maps (navigation) would pause the audio source, play the navigation prompt, then resume the audio source.

I was just driving with Apple Maps doing navigation and Overcast playing a podcast. The collision of both voices playing simultaneously was extremely inelegant. I couldn't decipher the navigation instructions and the podcast was a horrible mess of people talking over each other. Worse, Apple Maps was having a chatty moment where it was yammering on about stuff for about 2 minutes.

Is this just Overcast that has become broken? Is there a way to make it work properly again? Is there another podcast player that provides the desired behavior?

To be clear, when I'm playing a podcast and Apple Maps needs to play navigation instructions, I want it to PAUSE the podcast, not yammer on top of the podcast.

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