I have 2018 Macbook Pro with usb-c ports which I would like to connect a Dell UltraSharp U2715H monitor. (I have installed the DisplayLink software as recommended to ensure the monitor will work with my mac.) A top priority for me is set up speed - if I need to take my laptop outside the office, I want to be up and running with my display and other peripherals quickly so I have a Dell Universal Dock D6000 to support this.

I have tried connecting the Macbook Pro to the dock using usb-c while connecting the dock to the monitor using HDMI and also USB 3.0 — neither got the graphics from the laptop showing on the monitor. I know the monitor works because I've connected it directly to my 2013 Macbook Pro using Display Port cable (without the dock) with success.

The monitor comes with a Display Port cable, but of course it doesn't fit into the dock. Wondering if using a Display Port cable that is compatible with the dock is the solution (I would have to buy one) or if there is a deeper reason connecting the laptop to the monitor through the dock hasn't worked so far.

  • And you are positive that this dock is compatible with the Mac you have and the version of macOS installed on it? EG other things work fine (USB, ethernet, etc.)? – Steve Chambers May 5 at 18:52
  • Good question. I saw articles citing in-house tests and reviews of people with macs using the dock with success, but upon looking at the product spec I see that it's not compatible. I'll return this dock and try the Lenovo USB-C Hub instead, which lists as compatible with my mac in their specs. Thanks for your help! – Stefanie Danhope May 7 at 17:30

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