I use the built-in Apple Calendar application. My significant other uses Google’s calendar. Is there a good way for us to share one specific calendar between the two of us on these separate apps so that I can continue to use the normal Mac Calendar app? I really would like to not have to have two calendar apps if possible. I poked around in the Mac calendar settings and didn’t see a way to share one calendar without having to add her account (which I don’t want to do). Thank you in advance for any solutions.


You can subscribe to her Google calendar if all you want is for the events to show up for you. Easy enough to have her create a read-only link for you - and you can do the same for an iCal calendar (https://www.imore.com/how-publicly-share-calendar-your-iphone-and-ipad).

  • I will mark this as the answer, as it is really close to what I actually did not long after posting this question. I have a Gmail account that I actually use quite a bit. So, since I already had a Google account, I already had their calendar by default. I simply created a calendar, shared it with my significant other, then added the Google calendar to my iCal account. So we actually now share a Google calendar, but it displays on my iCal app and for her, it displays on her Google calendar app. If I add events to my iCal under that calendar, she gets them on her device, and vice versa. – joe_04_04 May 8 '19 at 6:51

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