I'm using two macs, a desktop (brand new 6-core iMac 2019 running Mojave) and a laptop (2-core MBP 2013 running High Sierra). Both have (recently?) started to lose 50% of a couple of cores on photoanalysisd and photolibraryd.

Afaik, this is face recognition calculations on my Photo Library (31GB) which exists on both machines.

The laptop has now spent 100 core hours on it. For a while, I thought the iMac had finished, but it turns out it is also still doing it when I am logged in.

I see a lot of this in Console.app:

default 10:45:25.168363 +0200   photoanalysisd  Coordinator: asking worker: 0x7fd0810b02c0 to start job: <private>...
error   10:45:25.464623 +0200   photoanalysisd  <private>
default 10:45:25.468766 +0200   photoanalysisd  Coordinator: Job finished: <PHAFaceClusteringJob: 0x7fd0866c4cc0>

Is there a way to find out if this is making any progress at all?

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