I went to listen to a podcast this morning on my iPhone SE (iOS 12.2) and something badly broke.

The "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" podcast that was partially played from earlier in the week showed at the bottom, but I wanted to listen to the new "UpFirst" podcast before I finished that. When I opened "UpFirst" and hit play, the picture of the podcast changed to "Planet Money" (to which I've never listed or subscribed). Strange.

I check on my library, and about half the podcasts I'm subscribed to are missing (including the two that appeared when I opened the app). There are also several podcasts showing up that I have never or not for a long time been subscribed. Wha!? So, crap; I'll have to re-subscribe.

Nope. When I search for any of the missing podcasts, they don't appear as if they didn't exist. I highly doubt a bunch of popular podcasts folded without warning, and I somewhat doubt Apple just decided to no longer allow them on their platform.

Note, I have ~20% of my storage free, so it's not a space issue.

How do I get my podcast subscriptions (and podcasts) back?

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