My iPhone X keeps showing the Apple Logo, then cuts out and does the same. I have got a lot of photos on in that I would like to get off. Would that be possible?

Any software, or other methods to get the content off a dead iphone?

  • See iPad Rehab for a company that specializes in data recovery for these exact scenarios – Allan May 1 at 9:03
  • If you decide it's not worth it to get professional data recovery services, you could try opening it up, removing the battery, and washing it thoroughly with everclear 190, then letting it dry for a week or two. It might revive when you plug in a new battery then. Obviously this is a last resort method. – user3052786 May 1 at 14:38

What you described is called a boot loop. It is caused by any number of things, but based on your description, it sounds like it was caused by physical damage.

Can this be recovered?

Yes, but there’s no software that gets around a physical problem. For this type of issue, it’s possible that restoring your phone from a backup you may be able to “fix” the problem. However, any data not backed up can and will be lost.

There are 3rd party services that offer recovery services - iPad Rehab is one such example. They are a bit pricy, but on the flip side, they don’t charge you unless they’re successful. (I’m not affiliated, just very familiar with their offerings)

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