From my linux days, there were terminal emulators which allowed pressing a key, and then appearing as an overlay on any workspace. I was missing this feature on macOS, and was wondering is it possible.

I have tried using AppleScript with FastScript or Automator for hotkeys, but these don't allow overlaying, they can only open the app on the space where it was already opened.

So, ideally, I would expect something like that:

  1. I am on a space with a full-screen app
  2. I press a global hotkey
  3. An already opened app with a specific window title/bundle id pops up and stays until I click away or press the same hotkey again

I have thought of doing it with same AppleScript, but additionally moving the window to the current space before "activaing" it, but couldn't find anything that would allow me to move windows on spaces around

Is this possible without modifying the app's code itself?

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