I have a jailbroken iPhone 6s running iOS 12.1.2 and I have Cydia and Filza installed, as well as some UI modifying tweaks. I used unc0ver to jailbreak and I have complete read/write access to the root directory and all subfolders and files. Is there any way I can use this access or make use of any tweak on Cydia to view, change, or disable the lock screen passcode? I have access to the phone via Touch ID, but I have forgotten the 6-digit passcode. Recently, I have gotten very scared of the iPhone not recognizing the fingerprint and disabling Touch ID, locking me out of my phone. I understand how to restore an iPhone with iTunes, both online and offline, but I really don't want to do that. I don't need to view, change, and disable the passcode, but if I'm able to do any one of these things, that would be great.

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    ...I don't think you can, because it's handled by the separate SEP processor which your Jailbreak doesn't touch. BTW, you can't do a restore in iTunes without updating and losing your Jailbreak, I'd advise doing a restore in iCloud. (And, if iCloud is turned off, fix that asap.) – Wowfunhappy Apr 30 at 3:10

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