I constantly keep touching my MacBook Pro's Touch Bar by accident. I have larger hands and my fingers accidentally press buttons on the Touch Bar without me noticing all the time.

I like the Touch Bar and I'd like to use it, but I can't seem to find anywhere that will allow me to enable a lock screen type feature on the Touch Bar.

I'd really like to disable input unless explicitly enabled. How do I do that?


Fully disabling it seems not to be possible, as some vital functions like the Escape key require it.

What I found others doing was to put scotch tape over the touch bar. This makes it less sensitive up to completely unresponsive.

If you configure the touch bar to just show the control or function keys (whichever you prefer), and put some holes in the scotch tape before applying it, you can still press the keys and not do it accidentally.

I also suggest to log a complaint with Apple that the touch bar is too sensitive and gets pressed accidentally, so their engineers get a reason to improve it in future models, so no scotch tape is needed.


You can tinker with the Keyboard Settings to get something close to your desired behavior. Here's one idea:

Set "Touch Bar shows" to "Expanded Control Strip" and remove all buttons on the Control Strip using "Customize Touch Bar...". Then set "Press Fn key to" to "Show App Controls".

Now your Touch Bar will be empty unless you press fn to show the App Controls.


Unfortunately I do not have a touchbar Mac to test, but it seems like BetterTouchTool is able to do what you want:

enter image description here

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