I've followed guide after guide and nobody on the Internet has gotten errors as simple as I have. I've managed to use gdisk to change the partition type to the APFS it is meant to be, but it still won't detect it.

However, I know all the actual data is perfectly intact, iBoySoft detects all 150gb of it within seconds - I just don't have that kind of monney and don't want to support that company.

Previously, I have been able to recover APFS data by a gdisk correction - that is not the case this time. I have learned a valuable lesson in APFS, though, that it is the only filesystem where you can't move the left anchor :)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a total of about 3 files I want off the old drive (which now is left-anchored to the BEGINNING of my SSD ;))

Partiton trying to be recovered is 0s3

Output of "diskutil list": enter image description here Output of fsck: enter image description here Output of First Aid: enter image description here GPT Table: enter image description here Cursed recovery software finding all my files within seconds: enter image description here Diskutil trying to read my APFS container: enter image description here

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