Do you know of way to do the following using an iPhone and a Mac desktop?

I want to take a photo using an iPhone App at e.g. the Louvre in Paris then I wish to immediately make a brief note on my iPhone e.g. "Mona Lisa Painting" (likely in the Title field of the photo) so I don't forget that info. (I may be offline at the time this note is taken.)

After transfer of that photo to my Mac I want to see that note: "Mona Lisa Painting" show up after syncing with the Mac Photos app.

If I export that photo to my Mac desktop the photo can then be automatically named "Mona Lisa Painting.jpg" from the Title field.

I have tried iPhone apps: Camera, Camera+ and Metapho.

Metapho allows me to edit a new photos title on iOS but that title doesn’t seem to show up in Mac Photos on the desktop.

It is possible to edit a photo title on the Mac when I’m at my desktop but I want to make this edit on my iPhone when I’ve just taken the photo.

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