I've looked on other questions and from those answers I have tried SDFormatter and it produced this error:

[ERROR] Invalid end of sector signature: 0x4536
[ERROR] exfat_check_validate_boot_sector returned error: 22 (Invalid argument)
[ERROR] Initializing cached values failed: 22 (Invalid argument)
[ERROR] Generated invalid volume. exfat_volume_create returned: 22 (Invalid argument)

Any ideas?

  • Maybe someone can help you but I'm thinking this question is off topic for this site because it's not Apple related. – fsb Apr 26 at 14:08
  • Are you using the macOS-compatible SD Memory Card Formatter from sdcard.org? – IconDaemon Apr 26 at 14:25
  • You do not want to trust you data to a flacky card. What happens when you try formatting with disk utility. – historystamp Apr 27 at 1:41

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