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I can't read the result. How do I make the text white?

I am on macOS Mojave 10.14.4

  • Verified the behavior on my Mac. Interestingly enough all other results show as white text. This may be a bug in Spotlight/dictionary. highlighting the text makes it a little more readable, but still... tsk, tsk, tsk, Apple – Steve Chambers Apr 25 at 20:04
  • running 10.14.2. no issues. appears white – ankii Apr 25 at 20:28
  • Also no issues on 10.14.3, confirmed on 10.14.4. Interestingly, seems to correlate with .4 releases ;-) – Asmus Apr 25 at 21:07
  • Still the same in 10.14.5 b2 - will check b3 later today. – Tetsujin Apr 26 at 7:24

This bug exists in 10.14.4 and earlier and It is fixed in 10.14.5

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