The browser history of Safari is stored in ~/Library/Safari/History.db which is a regular SQLite database. For example, it can be viewed using SQLite Browser or queried using Python.

The database contains a table named history_items. This lists all URL's, with their title, and id and the total number of time the website was visited. Another table is named history_visits. This lists all individual visits, with a timestamp, id and, possibly, information about the source which redirected the user to this website.

In the Chrome browser history, the transition type is also stored. This notes whether the user arrived at the website via a link, a reload or whether he typed in the address directly. Is such transition information also available in the Safari History.db?

The table history_visits also contains integer columns named origin, generation and attributes. However, it is unclear to me what these mean. Is there a documentation available for the Safari browser history database?

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