I suddenly lost many of my PDFs from iBook. The only thing suspicious that I did was bookmarking a non PDF book.

I have iCloud back up enabled for iBooks. Something strange is showing up here though, icloud storage bar shows 1.2GB taken for all my stuff, and Docs is taking less than half of it. But when I go to Manage Storage, it actually shows 2GB for Apple Books.

This thing has happened to me once before. It was when I signed in on a Macbook to iCloud. Back then, if I remember well, what fixed it was to remove Apple Books from iCloud back up on the Macbook. But this time I haven’t done anything of the sort.

So far, I have tried turning off iBooks in iCloud then hard-resettin, turning off Sync Bookmarks/Collections and hard-resetting, signing out and in to iCloud, and even some combinations of these out of despair. None worked.

So, help please!

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