iOS: 12.2

In the iOS Mail app, if the sender or recipient of an email has more than one email address associated with it, how can I tell which specific email address was used? For example, if I send myself an email from my personal account to my work account, since they're both associated to the same contact, I can't figure out how to tell who the recipient actually was. I have both Short Names and Prefer Nicknames turned off in the Contacts preference.

  • Can you tap on the name in the email to show the address? – fsb Apr 24 '19 at 18:35
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    No, it just brings up the Contact showing multiple email addresses – Joe Casadonte Apr 27 '19 at 9:25
  1. If you see the word 'Details' at the top of the message (near the right side), tap it.
  2. Click on the persons name to open the contact card
  3. Scroll to their emails
  4. Look for the email with a "recent" tag above it.*

*In older iOS versions the correct email/phone number had a different color but in new versions it has a "recent" tag above the correct email/phone number.

See below:

enter image description here

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    A caveat here is that you'll need to be in the 'Details' view for this to work. If you see the word 'Details' at the top of the message (near the right side), tap it. This will allow you to tap the sender name to view more information (tapping the sender name wont work if not in that view). If you see the word 'Hide' at the top, you are already in the details view. – Tim Campbell Apr 27 '19 at 17:17

An easy way I found to see the original email address is to reply to the message and scroll down in the new message until you see the original quoted message. It should start with something like:

On Mar 30, 2019, at 11:38 PM, John Doe <j.doe@example.com> wrote:

The email address is between the < and > characters. If you don't really want to reply, just touch "Cancel" to dismiss the new email.

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