I see a lot of talk about mobileconfig files for standing up new boxes. It seems as if they're a configuration file for Profiles. Is there a spec or standard from which they're generated, or can be parsed?

Is there any where this is documented?


Most of my searches land me on this Apple doc titled: Configuration Profile Reference. I also found this tutorial which covers using the /usr/bin/profiles command to work with profiles on macOS. That tutorial is titled: Use The Profiles Command In High Sierra.

You can use commands like this to import profiles from a file:

/usr/bin/profiles -I -F ~/Desktop/HawkeyesTrickshot.mobileconfig 

The CLI tool dscl also received profile switches in Yosemite.

$ dscl <<<"help" |& grep -A6 "MCX Profile"
MCX Profile Extensions:
    -profileimport    <record path> <profile file path>
    -profiledelete    <record path> <profile specifier>
    -profilelist      <record path> [optArgs]
    -profileexport    <record path> <profile specifier> <output folder path>

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