So the xternal monitor connected to my mbpro mid 2012 flickers when I'm using a mini dp to dvi.

I can solve this porblem by using a mini dp to vga instead. problem is it won't output the native 1680x1050 resolution. I've tried using screenresx, pressing alt when pressing the scaled radio button with no luck.

So my only choice is to use a minidp to dvi to output the native resolution but with flickering.

Again I can solve the flickering by connecting both vga and dpi to the mini dp converter which has a dvi, vga and a displayport port.

Problem is when 2 cables are connected to the converter the wifi slows down to a point where I can't use it anymore. So i only have one choice and that is to fix the flickering issue.

  • The problem is the adapter, not a “setting.” Try a different adapter. – Allan Apr 23 at 0:42

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