Is there a way to have the Notes app on Mac copy text as plain text? I use Notes a lot but it copies text as rich text. This can causes problems when pasting text to certain apps that pick up on the unwanted font properties of Notes.


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In the app where you're pasting the text you've copied from Notes, make sure your document format is plain text, and then use the "Paste and Match Style" command in the Edit menu (or hit cmd-opt-shift-V):

enter image description here

Any macOS app that uses a system standard text field should support this.

  • Thank you! Exactly what I wanted.
    – Berry Blue
    Apr 23, 2019 at 23:08

If you copy a lot i can highly recommend a Clipboard extension App like 'Clipy' (Open Source), which offers the ability to copy/paste text as plain text with a special keyboard shortcut (which you can define as you like).

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