This issue occurs for me constantly in Mac Pages. When I want to update a style, such as changing line-spacing or fonts, the "Update" button will not appear next to the selected style in the format section. Therefore I cannot make global changes to the style.

Sometimes I am able to "force" the button to appear by changing line spacing to a different number then click Update, then change it back, then click Update again. But this does not always cause the Update button to appear either. The appearances are totally random.

enter image description here

  • Does this problem occur with a particular file? Which version of Pages are you using? I can't reproduce this issue with the latest version on the files I typically work with. – Wilfred Smith Apr 22 at 15:32
  • I've seen it in different files. – nich Apr 22 at 20:04
  • I believe you. However, unless I can reproduce the issue, I won’t be able to help you. Can you reproduce the problem on another Mac with Pages? You still haven’t provided the version you’re using. – Wilfred Smith Apr 23 at 4:45
  • Version 7.3. I do not have access to another Mac, unfortunately. – nich Apr 23 at 19:14

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