I am helping a relative with her Mac computer. I am trying to update the iCloud password, and I believe I have done so successfully. I was able to confirm the password change and the login attempt with the iPhone connected to the iCloud, and provided the verification code iCloud asked me for.

Now I got the dreaded iCloud password login loop problem. The most common solution seems to be to log out from iCloud and then login again. When doing so, the iCloud program warns me that I need to setup a separate password to log in with the computer after I've logged out with iCloud. This is laughable because this computer has always always been logged in with a separate password.

But ok, let's set the password that is already set. But in order to proceed I also need to provide the iCloud password, the password I just reset and confirmed with the 6 (or 8 or whatever) digit code is not valid in this particular tab.


What do I do? I just want to provide the password I just created to iCloud so that this stupid password dialogue disappears, what kind of magic tricks do I need to conjure to appease the elder gods of Apple?

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