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I just found the Terminal and I want to know which commands I can run, and what they do.

Is there a command that would list me the available commands?

Is there a command that tells me how to use the commands (like "help" in the Windows command prompt)

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You can get a list of all the available commands by pressing the TAB key twice, and confirming that you want the list by pressing y.

For help on what each command does, use the man command to lookup manuals:

man <command>

You’ll probably want to google a cheat sheet of the most useful commands as there’s hundreds and hundreds of commands even on a freshly installed system.

By the way - using the command line is not actually called “coding”. This term is usually only used when you create something that runs multiple “commands” following an algorithm (i.e. something that includes conditionals and/or loops).

  • Thank you! I will do that! Btw, what should I call this thing that I met? – Pyrde Pavkki Apr 20 at 18:46
  • You were right! there's a lot of them. I'm currently just holding enter :). So apparently there were 1427 "possibilities"... Yup! – Pyrde Pavkki Apr 20 at 18:49

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