Whenever I encounter a password field in Safari which it wants to auto-fill using my keychain, it freezes up for a few minutes and shows nothing but the beach ball. I presume it has to do with a corrupted keychain.

In previous versions of macOS, there was the option to repair a keychain. In Mojave, there is no such thing. When I "reset my default keychains", it fixes the problem and everything works as usual. However I lose all my passwords and notes.

What I've tried that didn't work:

  • Run first aid from the Disk Manager
  • Restored my keychain (contents of ~/Library/Keychains) from a Time Machine backup
  • Moved everything but login.keychain to the trash

I know that you could theoretically create a new keychain and copy items from the original keychain, but it keeps prompting for a password for each item which would not be feasible with the amount of items I have stored.


The repair tool was removed over security concerns where it could be use to export your keychain without your permissions. what we're left with are guidances you'll find throughout various blog articles explaining some specific problems with workarounds to "fix" specific issues related to the keychain.

Most of these solutions involve deleting specific offending keys or toggling "Show Summary" or other aspects of a problematic key.

  • Thank you, but sadly none of these links apply to the problem. How can I identify an offending key, then? – Double M Apr 21 at 8:49
  • If you create a new keychain does it also freeze up if you store a new item in it? – slm Apr 21 at 13:50
  • I have created a new user, signed in with it and added a new item. It does not freeze on autofill then. – Double M Apr 22 at 16:17

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