My USB device (microscope camera) works with my MacBook (lite version of a microscope software) but doesn't have device-entry, although it shows in the USB tree in system information and has location id I couldn't find any difference in /dev before and after plugging it in and I need to find it because otherwise, I can't manually map the device-entry from the native OS to a symlink in the bottle of the CrossOver application which is the full version of the microscope software which normally only runs on windows. The need for symlink is so the software has access to the USB device as CrossOver normally doesn't connect directly to hardware ports or devices on the computer. (CrossOver is for running windows apps on Mac etc...)

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    USB cameras don’t create devices that you can access like you can in Linux. You can get info on the USB camera by using system_profiler SPUSBDataType, but I’m sure you won’t see an associated device. This is most likely because access to the cam is done through avfoundation. Unless you have native macOS software or the “cross over software” can utilize avfoundation, it’s unlikely to work. – Allan Apr 19 at 18:58

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