I have a late-2013 Macbook Pro. It's been working fine and meets my computing needs so I have seen no need to replace it. Recently though the Y, U, I and O keys have stopped functionally reliably. I popped the keys off and cleaned out the accumulated dust but it didn't help. I tried all the other "voodoo" solutions (loading a different keyboard set up, etc). Nothing helped.

The battery was fine, according to the system report, and it held a good charge. However the case rocked a little bit so I assumed the battery had swollen and was affecting the keys.

I replaced the battery using an iFixIt kit (worked great, btw), and it was a little swollen, but it has not solved the keyboard problem.

I can get the problem keys to work if I:

  1. first type "t" and then quickly type one of the problem letters, or..

  2. using a hard probe, press down on the mullion area between the keys. However, there is not one reliable area to press and it doesn't always work. When it does, the keys will work for a while and then stop.

I am wondering about getting a hammer and tapping multiple points to try to permanently bend the keyboard. Is this a crazy idea?

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