Is there any way to run an AppleScript command (which runs infinitely) completely in the background without any icon showing in the dock or app switcher (⌘+Tab)?

For example, hiding the AppleScript icon here. (The script was exported to a run-only application)

enter image description here

Any ideas/advice is appreciated!

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    Do you have access to the contents of the command – the AppleScript text itself? If so, you can run the script using the command line tool osascript. – Graham Miln Apr 18 at 16:10
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    Adding LSUIElement -bool yes to the app's Info.plist file will hide it in the Dock and therefore will not show in the App Switcher. In Terminal, basically it's e.g.: defaults write '/Applications/AppName.app/Contents/Info.plist' LSUIElement -bool yes – user3439894 Apr 18 at 16:40
  • I am almost certain that, whatever your AppleScript is doing, a run-only app that runs forever is not going to be the best way to do it. So I think if you posted your script, someone could not only tell you how to get it out of the app switcher, but implement it using another method (likely launchd). – CJK Apr 18 at 20:24

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