I often type backticks (`) in various situations (Markdown, Github, SO, etc), and since the button used to type them also is used to modify letters (é/è/ú), writing backticks is generally a pain. On a scandinavian keyboard you also have to add the shift modifier, which doesn't help.

Currently, I feel like shift+backtick+space is the most predictable way of typing backticks.

But! I realized that I never use that key for anything other than backticks, and figured that it would be neat to modify the key to simply always output a single backtick. I can totally live with losing the accent functionality, but I guess it could potentially be kept accessible through modifiers.

I looked into Karabiner to achieve this, and while it's possible to rebind the key, it doesn't seem possible to map its output to a single backtick character.

And ideas?

  • Exactly which keyboard are you talking about? That should be in the title, since the standard US layout does not use this for accents. – Tom Gewecke Apr 17 at 19:19

It's pretty easy to make a custom layout which removes the dead key function from a key using Ukelele.

  • That link does not seem to work. – topic Apr 17 at 20:35

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