Is it possible to prevent my MacBook from waking automatically from sleep mode unless I manually intervene by opening the lid or touching the keyboard/using the mouse?

I have set it up to announce the time every 30 minutes. When I close the lid to put it in sleep mode, I still hear the time announcement, even if it's during late night. I expect my MacBook to be sleeping when the lid is closed but that's not the case.

Sometimes, when I open the lid, my MacBook is really hot — I assume it was working or woke up somehow. Again, I would expect it to be sleeping instead of doing some work when the lid is closed.

Both cases happen when the power cable is plugged in.

I don't have any additional hardware connected to the laptop: no monitors, no mouse, no keyboard, etc.

I'd like to set up my machine like this if it's possible: Whenever the lid is closed it goes into 100% sleep mode, no Power Nap, no email checks, no battery power wasting for tasks I don't need. Just plain sleep.



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