Guys I'm running out of steam here... how do I copy files from a hard drive in recovery mode to an external hard drive on an older mac.

First few things I did: boot into recovery mode and run the normal first aid, and it failed, so I reset the ram by holding down command and option p r and that didn't work.

It breaks down into 3 errors:

  • incorrect number of thread records

  • incorrect number of extended attributes

  • incorrect number of access control lists

I ran a bunch of commands to fake the mounting of the disk so that it would appear non-greyed out in the disk utilities in recovery mode, from there I was able to confirm that all of the files were still there by parsing through the image. However I was unable to extract those files, due to in part never running said mount command on the hard drive in question, I think this is why? Also should be noted that I cannot make a copy of the disk image for a specific folder (user folder) after I run my diskutil verfy and repairs...

I was able to run fsck_hfs -drfy /dev/disk0s2 many times, it did nothing

however fsck_hfs -drfy /dev/disk20 gave me the information I needed but couldn't act upon. I noticed that when it was trying to repair there were a few threads that were continuously failing and by running. By seeing the threads that are failing to run I was able to do a search on the file systems and figure out that the corrupted files were inside the .Spotlight-V100 folder.

Thread ids relating to corrupted files


by running this command I can find where those files live find / -inum 14608902

in this folder: /Volumes/Macintosh HD/.Spotlight-V100/../../..

From here I tried running -rm and it failed to run this, saying everything was read only.

I also tried running -cp <path> <extrenal hard drive> to copy all of the contents of the files that I was still seeing however, I would simply get a Directory not found error.

So I thought it might have been due in part to permissions so I ran a -chmod 755 on all of the root folders of botht the external hard drive and the one I was trying to pull all of the data from.

I can boot into recovery mode and single user mode, however I cannot boot into safe mode. Also just to confirm the -diskutil mount /dev/disk20 failed as well.

So I have a hard drive where I know the issues are, have run a lot of utilities on them, can confirm the files exist but cannot for the life of me extract the files off of it or delete the corrupted files. Any thoughts?

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