Been using Mac now for about a month and still looking for 2 basic shortcuts.

  1. Windows equivalent for "Delete" - where it deletes the character in front of the cursor. Currently, "delete" on my mac acts more as "backspace". Tried ⌘ CommandDbut that just creates bookmark on chrome.

  2. Word processing text navigation - windows equivalent of ^ Control + Arrow keys to jump between words, separated by spaces. I'd like to be able to combine this with ^ Control ⇧ Shift + Arrow to select multiple words.

On the Mac, using ^ Control or ⌘ Commandmove entire lines, and ⌘ Command Backspace deletes full lines/sentences.

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The first one is Fn⌫ Delete or ^ ControlD for keyboards without an Fn key

As for moving between words, use the ⌥ Option modifier. Example, ⌥ Option to move to the word to the right.

There's an excellent list of all the predefined shortcuts on Apple's Support site.

  • Thanks for the response. That link is fantastic, not sure why I couldn't find it by searching earlier. Control + D works perfect. Option + Left or Right moves screens. Is there a way to change this? I also imagine that Shift + Option + Left or RIght would select entire words?
    – Rob T
    Commented Apr 16, 2019 at 16:32

Just to add a few words to @Allan's excellent answer, there seems to be an almost unlimited set of keyboard shortcuts - shortcuts that aren't listed in the predefined shortcuts list. There is, for example another entire page of keyboard shortcuts dedicated to the terminal app. Then there's MacPaw's Ultimate List... which is interesting & useful. And there are many more...

Oddly (at least to me) one that seems to have been omitted from some of the many macos keyboard shortcut lists is the one I use perhaps most frequently in my browser apps (Firefox, Chrome & Safari at least) for switching between browser tabs: forward=controltab, backward=controlshifttab

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