I want to assign long commands in one key on Mac terminal.

For example, I have assigned command php bin/magento under F13 key from "Terminal → Preference → Profiles → Basic → Keyboard" which is working, but I have also assigned command /usr/local/php72/bin/php-cli bin/magento under F14 key which is not working. I think it's because the "/" character or some special character.

Is there any way to make this command work, is there another way to escape special character on this macros? Please check screenshot for more info.

enter image description here

  • What does "not working" mean, do you get an error while defining it or does pressing F14 just not trigger anything? Can you make F14 work for another, more simple command? What happens if you enter the command you try to assign to F14 directly in bash? – nohillside Apr 16 at 8:16
  • After making this macros if i press "F13" key on terminal it print the command php bin/magento then i can type related command. but on key "F14" nothing is happening. – Zahurul Apr 16 at 8:20
  • What happens if you bind F14 to echo Hello, does this work? Which key are you pressing for F14 actually (and/or which keyboard are you using)? – nohillside Apr 16 at 8:22
  • Ok, Now i find out, if i assign command on "F14" & "F15" its not working. but F16, F17, F18, F19 working. :) – Zahurul Apr 16 at 8:33

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