I like to ask Siri to play music, a playlist or a specific song. However, (s)he likes 50% volume and that's too loud for me. I looked at the settings and can't find how to set this:

There are articles on setting equalization when playing AirPlay, but I'm not using any device, just HomePod and voice command. For now, I have to say "Siri - set the volume to 25%" when I forget to do that. I do already enable sound check, but that seems to be a 3 to 6% benefit and I’m looking to go from half volume to 1/4 or less.

Is there a way to make my preference more sticky and the music start more softly?


Upon some experimentation, the issue I’m having is that each device that connects to HomePod changes the “last volume” so if I forget to turn down my Mac volume when watching a video or show with low volume (or I’m really rocking out to some music) then the next time I ask Siri for the weather early in the morning, I will continue to be surprised by volume louder than I expected.

I’ve put in a feature request to reset the volume after 60 minutes to a low or pre-set level, but I’m not holding my breath Apple implements that or uses the microphones to realize the house has been silent as a mouse for an hour and adjust her volume to be an indoor voice in the morning after a night partying.

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  • TLDR, I didn’t realize how volume worked. Operator error. – bmike May 7 at 2:10

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