The question: Is it normal for a MacBook to time-out and go to sleep in the middle of a photo import session? Is it really necessary to intervene to keep the MacBook from going to sleep to prevent it from prematurely stopping an import session? Shouldn't the import process keep it from going to sleep?

Hardware/Software involved: Computer:MacBook Pro (13" w/ Touch Bar, 2.7GHz i7, 16GB/512GB) Camera: Olympus OM-D/EM-1 connected via USB cable to Apple USB-C digital AV multiport adapter. iOS:Mojave 10.14.4 App: Apple Photo (aka iPhoto)

Situation: While importing from my camera to this new MacBook for the first time, the import stopped after 1519 images. There are 12,044 images on the camera's SD card. I stepped away while the import was progressing and returned a few minutes later. When I returned, the MacBook had gone to sleep. The camera was still powered on, but it too showed that importing had stopped (blinking SD card icon on LCD screen was gone).

I power-cycled the camera, let Photos find it again (as an "untitled device" more about this at the bottom), and selected "Import New." This time it imported another 614 files before stopping again. This time however, the MacBook never went to sleep as I was in the process of typing this question.

"Third time's the charm?" On the third attempt, it imported the remaining 9000+ files.

One other peculiar thing and I'm not sure why this is as it is or if it is relevant to the import problem... Upon powering on my camera with the download cable attached to it and the MacBook, the camera LCD shows several options: "storage," "MTP", an icon of a camera connected to a computer, "print", and exit." When I select the download to computer icon, Photos recognizes "EM-1" as connected, but also shows, "NO PHOTOS" in the preview section. If I instead select the "storage" option on my camera, then Photos instead recognizes the camera as an "untitled" device, but this time shows previews of the photos on the camera.

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