Bid on an 2018 Mac Mini on Ebay, when I realized that this impulse buy is an error (128GB internal drive) it was already too late. Solved that problem by moving my Home-Folder to an external thunderbolt drive, the OS and my Apps are still on the internal Flashdrive. Everything's working fine, including Time Machine.

However, this solutions seems to cause infrequent problems at boot-up, when that external drive is recognized just fine (reading and writing is possible), but I cannot open most of my apps (Mail, Photos, Chrome). Furthermore, I get an error indicating that the iCloud login failed, and Photos/ iTunes report something about being unable to access their library, hence, they don't work. A few Apps (Disk Utility and System Preferences) are never affected.

There are no other system-messages indicating that something's wrong though. The only surefire solution I could figure out is rebooting, not only once, but at least 4 times consecutively.

  • How is it that the system reacts differently to 4 or 5 reboots than it does to one?
  • Is there a trick to solve this problem with just one reboot, or even without the necessity to reboot at all?

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