When I am typing, I get random 5-30 second pauses. For instance I will type about 12 characters. The first 10 characters will appear, then it's like time stops. 20 seconds later, those extra 2 characters will appear. Then it's fine, and I get about 3 more seconds of typing before it "winks out" again for 10 seconds.

Most of the time, my iPad does not do this. But when it does, it does it all day / for days. What on earth is it doing?

  • Password screens are immune to this.
  • Phone number entry fields are not.
  • Reset my dictionary (which had 7 years of typos in it) did nothing.
  • Clearing Safari history and Website data does not help.

  • Double-home/swipe-quit the app does nothing (except lose your work).

  • Hard reboot: Swipe-quitting all apps, starting a built-in app and holding down Home/On until the Apple logo appears; does nothing.
  • I didn't always have a bluetooth keyboard. When I added one, that changed nothing. It lags just the same if the keyboard is off, if Bluetooth is off, etc. Bluetooth off+hard reboot changes nothing.
  • Cleaned out bookmarks and reading list down from hundreds down to dozens - did not help.
  • Background App Refresh off on all but Hangouts, FB Messenger, and Uber (because it would break them).
  • Storage, 8.9GB free.
  • About 12,000 photos.
  • About 15,000 emails.
  • I have not reset my network because I don't remember most of my WiFi passwords. However I am willing to turn on iCloud Keychain.

My iPad has done this sporadically for years through several major OS revisions.

It's an iPad 3 with iOS 9, But here's the thing. I'm willing to buy a new iPad, but what's the point? Making the lags 1-6 seconds instead of 5-30 seconds still sucks. I'll do exactly the same things with the new iPad as the old one.

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