I need to know in how much time exactly the alarm will go off.

The information it very important since when I go to bed I plan how many hours of sleep do I get and which alarm should I activate.

When I searched, it seems that older version of iOS used to have this feature, but I cannot find it in IOS 12.

  • Are you asking how long the alarm will sound if not shut off (which is what your first sentence says) or the time remaining until the alarm goes off (which is what your second sentence says)? – fsb Apr 11 at 16:25
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    @fsb - I'm not seeing any conflict in the two sentences. I think the OP's confusion is that a timer will show time remaining on the lock screen, but an alarm will not. – Tetsujin Apr 11 at 16:43
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    @Tetsujin, the lock screen shows the time of the alarm in the lock screen, however, I am not able to see the time remaining. Am I missing anything? – Allan Xu Apr 11 at 17:20
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    I've never seen the time of an alarm in the lock screen, the only indication is the little alarm clock icon in the top bar. I've only ever seen the remaining time in a timer [& that's only since maybe iOS 10] – Tetsujin Apr 11 at 17:46
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    @ankiiiiiii, I am asking specifically about alarm. Someone misunderestood and explain about timer. What does it have to do with my English weakness? – Allan Xu Apr 11 at 21:59

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