I have a "Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic" keyboard, connected with USB to my Mac 13" (from 2018). The keyboard input starts to lag at some random times. I have been using the keyboard on my older Mac 15" (from 2015) for more than a year and never had a problem. Both Macs are with the same OSX version (Mojave 10.14.4).

I thought the problem is in the batteries (it uses 2xAAA batteries). Changed them with brand new ones. Issue persists.

I tried connecting a Magic Apple keyboard and at moments when the Microsoft keyboard lags, the Apple one does not.

Most often the problem happens within the browser, but continues persisting in Slack, IDEs and other apps. It is strange, thought, that the lag occurrences are not connected to higher load on the CPU or memory.

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    I've seen some weird issues depending on where I have the USB receiver. When I tried using the USB hub in my display (receiver ends up behind the screen), I had a spotty connection. Ended up getting a little USB extension cable so the dongle hangs below the display, and cleared things up. – ernie Apr 10 at 17:12
  • Yeah, I know about this issue, since I had the same at first. But the dongle is in a direct line of sight to the keyboard, so the signal shouldn't be disrupted. That's why I was weirded out... – Milkncookiez Apr 11 at 7:12

The lagging sounds like wireless interference to me.

Many devices can be the culprit; wireless routers, displays, other Bluetooth and WiFi enabled devices, and even devices attached via USB 3.0 cables with poor shielding.

The closer you can get your USB dongle to the keyboard, and the further it can be from sources of interference, the better. A good USB extension cable might be what you need to take care of this issue.

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    Damn... okay. I will try. It's just weird because I had no problems with the older Mac. And the new laptop is at the same place/distance from the keyboard as the old one was. I'll try to keep it a bit closer and see how it goes :) – Milkncookiez Apr 12 at 7:41

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