I have two college mail accounts setup in Mail.app which are common in some mailing lists of my institute. When some message is sent over those, I get a notification, I click it and the message is displayed. Then I get one more notification which is of-course from "B" account, and I click the delete button and the already displayed message also disappears. The message is now not in any of the Inboxes.

What can I do to resolve this behaviour i.e. only one message should be deleted, not both? Because I get two notifications, they must be linked to each message, then why one notification deletes both messages?


I checked the trash folder (after a very long time) and was surprised to see no previously deleted mail of account A in the trash while there were, from account B. I checked the folder behaviour in the Mail.app preferences for junk and deleted mails and both of them had the same folder structure i.e. Inbox/Trash and Inbox/Junk. "Delete the mails" was set to "Never"

I checked on the webmail interface for the folder structure and I found the same but the issue is that:

Account B has all 3k+ deleted mails (including the one I just deleted) in the "Trash" but account A has 0 in the "Trash"(not even the one I just deleted) and some (old mails) in junk which I never got to read. Thankfully nothing important.

Some more clarification: Account A is a student account and account B is of the same privileges as that of a faculty (some extra quota and all).


As many people would know, special mailbox named "Today" lists all the messages one gets on the same date. Suppose a mail was sent to "all" list. I appears in my mailbox A (personal) and mailbox B (office use) both. But when I see in Today, I see only one message and deleting it from Today deletes from both inboxes.

  • Are you using Gmail as one of your accounts? Have you checked your account settings in Mail? – JacAbu Apr 10 at 12:46
  • they are my academic institute accounts. What should I check my in mail settings? – ankiiiiiii Apr 10 at 13:33
  • Have you double-checked to make sure you didn't set the same account up twice? Deleting a message from one account should not delete any mail, the same message or otherwise, from a different account. – Kerlix Apr 10 at 19:33
  • 1
    After some digging, @Kerlix, I found the "permanently delete if fails to move to deleted items" preferences to be on. – ankiiiiiii Apr 12 at 18:01
  • 1
    Maybe you are onto a bug in Mail which usually doesn't show because the differences between the accounts are too big. Additionally, there is also a bug in your institute's mail server which leads to a deletion when it fails rightfully, due to the setting you mentioned. Try to set up example emails on a fresh email server install to report a bug both to Apple and to the mail server company, if you have the time... – Carl Dombrowski Apr 13 at 9:05

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