Is it possible to have a preview of the virtual spaces in the menu bar, like this https://github.com/maho2nd/enhanced-ubuntu-workspace-indicator?

                       ss of ubuntu ex

More generally, I'd like to know which spaces are clear and which are occupied.

NOTE: I'm already using WhichSpaces but it only gives the current space as an index.

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Googling I was able to find this commercial app that looks like it does what you want. It's called TotalSpaces2 and looks to cost ~$12 US.

There a overview video that highlights all of its features. You can see an overview of all the apps on your various spaces as shown below:


From the look of the docs & features I think what you're looking for is the Overview Grid. That's shown above in a larger spread of spaces and below with a smaller spread.


  • You may want to check Total Saces. i think you have to turn SIP off to use it. Not sure about that but i would check first. If turning it off is ok with you then i wouldn't worry bout it. Total Spaces is very nice.
    – Natsfan
    Apr 11, 2019 at 18:54

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