After my recent upgrade to High Sierra, the command line command "open" no longer opens much. I have tried it on PDF, PPTX, png. It does work on ascii text files. The 'Preview' app does open if I click on it in the Applications folder.

Does anyone know if there is a issue with running Preview from the command line after "upgrading"?

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    What happens when you do open foo.pdf ? And open -a Preview foo.pdf ? And open -n -a Preview foo.pdf ? – lhf Apr 9 at 3:58
  • Thanks! I had never tried the flags for open (nor read the man page...). Neither the -a nor the '-a -n' combo, nor the -F flag worked. But after 2 reboots, I did the '-n -a' flag and now it works as usual, even without the flags. Probably some config file or stale link after the upgrade? – Ru887321 Apr 11 at 0:13

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