I installed a 500GB Samsung 970 Evo Plus NVMe M.2 into my MacBook Pro 13" 2015 (128GB). I followed instructions in a youtube video. (Boot-Stick created, case opened, battery disconnected, SSD removed, 970 Evo Plus with adapter installed, battery connected and booted from the boot stick).

But now I have my problem and maybe someone can help me.

After I have selected the boot stick in the boot menu, the white apple logo appears against a black background and a progress bar appears below it. However, the MacBook dies off after about half of the progressbar and the following error message appears:

"Your computer restarted because of a problem. Press a key or wait a few seconds to continue starting up"

I have already re-created the boot stick twice. And I tested it with my old Apple hard drive. As soon as the "old" 128GB disk is inside, the installation program downloads completely and I could reinstall macOS.

Maybe someone had a similar error here and can help me? Or do I have an incompatible combination of hardware?


The answer to the problem is the SSD itself!

Apparently MacBooks can't handle the Samsung 970 Evo Plus. After is used a 970 Evo it worked just fine.

So keep your eyes open when you buy new SSD for your "old" MacBook!

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