During upgrading to Mojave, the disk is locked and I see the prohibition sign when boot up.

I understand that now I need to unlock my volume. But I tried my usual login password it didn't work. It looks like the volume is encrypted with icloud account data:

-bash-3.2# diskutil apfs listUsers disk2s1
Cryptographic users for disk2s1 (2 found)
+-- <LONG ID>
|   Type: iCloud Recovery User
|   Note: Unlock with iCloud account data + iCloud Recovery External Key data
+-- <LONG ID>
    Type: iCloud Recovery External Key
    Note: Stores partial credentials for the iCloud Recovery User

-bash-3.2# diskutil apfs unlockVolume disk2s1
Unlocking any cryptographic user on APFS Volumne disk2s1
Passphrase incorrect or user does not exist

I was able to log into my icloud account so I know I used the correct password. But how do I ensure when I do unlock volume mac is checking against the correct icloud id?

  • If you open up Disk Utility and try to unlock it you may get an actual window, rather than a command line prompt. That window might work better. – Ezekiel Elin May 7 at 0:23

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