A few months ago, almost any video I view on the internet now goes into fast rewind after a few minutes. I have an iMac with OS Mojave. Anyone know what to do? I can't see any videos on my computer: very annoying!! Thanks :-)

  • If you make a new user account and Safari to YouTube.com with no content blockers, third party extensions - every video on YouTube is broken? – bmike Apr 6 at 11:20
  • hi bmike, its not just you tube, its any video also from tv programmes and so on – Vita L Apr 6 at 12:58
  • 1
    I’d say - document one specific instance. At least you’d know other people can’t reproduce what you see in case you need to look at support from YouTube. If you can make a video on Apple’s web site rewind - Apple support might also be worth geting help. Sounds like you might have some additional software you don’t want installed? – bmike Apr 6 at 19:13

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