I use the Mac Calendar app (OSX Mojave) on my MacBook and IOS calendar app (upgraded recently to iPhone 7, IOS 12) for several shared iCloud calendars, a Google calendar, and an Exchange Calendar (using Outlook for Mac 2016 on my MacBook). They all worked flawlessly until, recently, the Exchange calendar stopped syncing between the Mac Calendar and Outlook/iPhone. Syncing still works perfectly between iPhone and Outlook for Mac for the Exchange calendar. When I add events in either Outlook for Mac or on my phone, they show up in the other one of those two, but not in the Mac Calendar on my MacBook. When I add events to the Exchange calendar on my MacBook, they do not show up either on my phone or in Outlook for Mac. Older events added prior to the problem starting remain visible on all calendars, but if I edit them, the same syncing problems occur. All my other calendars work perfectly between Mac Calendar on my MacBook and the iPhone calendar. I was able to get things to sync once by clearing the library cache on my MacBook, but the problem is still happening and I don't want to have to constantly clear my library cache and re-add the Exchange calendar. I believe this only started around the time I upgraded to iPhone 7, but the problem isn't on the phone - it's on the MacBook. Any help for this problem would be appreciated.

  • If you are clearing library, that likely is causing more harm than good. Does sync break on a totally new user account? If so, your exchange admin can look over logs and pinpoint sync failures on a clean new sync. – bmike Apr 6 at 11:57
  • Thanks bmike. By "totally new user account" do you mean removing the account from the devices and setting it up again, or setting up a completely different user account? Not sure I can get a completely different account because it's a student account administered through a university system. – Joanne Apr 6 at 16:01
  • On the MacBook - make a new user account first. Each device has a one to one relationship with the sync server, so pick apart which one device isn’t happy. When that is set, move on to iOS - those are harder to troubleshoot in my experience. – bmike Apr 6 at 16:12
  • Oh, I misunderstood, but understand now. I set up a new user account on the MacBook and syncing worked fine. Then went back to the original user account and it magically started working properly there too. So, all is good now, but I don't really know why it started working again. Thanks for your help. – Joanne Apr 6 at 19:40

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