After 10.14.4 my hotmail and ntlworld mail accounts will not login. Have checked passwords and theses are the same ones that still work on the iPad and iPhone . But re-entering on iMac says "unable to verify account name or password". The question "mail for mac will not accept my password" has an answer about "app-specific passwords" and talks about 2-level authentication . What should I do ? Do I have to make new passwords for hotmail and ntlworld? Or is there a bug fix coming? Help!!!!

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    Welcome to Ask Different. There's no bugfix coming because this isn't a bug. Take a look at this Apple email configuration site and make sure you're using the correct settings. There's also links there to help you properly add your accounts. – fsb Apr 5 at 18:25

I assume you are using Apple Mail to collect your mail?

One solution that seems to work for many is to delete these accounts entirely then go to Sys Prefs > Internet Accounts and re-establish/enter them. That's why I did and it worked just fine for me (and for others).

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