I want to import photos from my Photos app (i.e. they are being read from my icloud Photo Stream) to a folder on my Macbook.

Instead of being in order of recency like in the photos app, on import they get jumbled up. Even if I use sequential naming, "Imported_photo_1" and "Imported_photo_2" may have been taken 3 years apart. It seems almost completely random.

How can I import photos from the Photos app while maintaining the order that I can see them in the Photos app?

  • After loading in documents have you tried sorting by date created? – jmh Apr 5 at 17:10
  • @jmh, yep that just gives the time the photo was imported. Still seems to be just a random order – John F Apr 5 at 17:58
  • Did you sort by time created or time modified or added? – jmh Apr 5 at 20:04
  • I tried all of them, they all give the same timestamp – John F Apr 6 at 10:57

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