I recently setup SAMBA w- fruit extension and pointed my Mac laptop to it for backups. Everything seems to work ok. The mac automatically creates the sparse bundle file, claiming all the free space on the disk partition.

(This deviates slightly from directions found on the 'net as I didn't manually create the sparse bundle file)

After TM running and making backyups for several days I did something that made macOS decide the sparse disk wasn't associated with my disk. Either it was when I was trying to view files from the samba server (which modified the access time on the files) or it was when I mounted the SMB share and double clicked on the sparse bundle (It wouldn't mount)

Can someone tell me what I did wrong here?

Also, how do I get Time Machine back to the point where it will ask me if I want to create an encrypted backup?



  • slightly from directions found on the 'net. Do you have a link? – historystamp Apr 5 '19 at 0:26
  • I don't have a specific link. Just google 'Time Machine' and 'SMB';you'll get back a dozen sites. Most of them will have you create a sparse bundle the the disk tool, then copy it to the SMB share you've created. Ikept having trouble with that step, so I omitted it by mistake once, and like magic Time Machine automatically created the sparse bundle file. – Joe McGuckin Apr 5 '19 at 17:28

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