I moved the notes from Local notes to Exchange, and then my Notes crashed. When i reopen the Notes, i dont see them in Exchange and neither in local Notes I dont see these are present in Recently deleted either. I tried reading NotesV6.storedata.html as well, but didnt work. Please help.

  • I looked into Library/Containers/com.apple.Notes/Data/Library/CoreData/ExternalRecords/NotesV4 path and see the externalRecords file present. But they are of zero size. – Xephonia Apr 4 at 2:54

I was able recover all the files i lost. Lucky enough.
You can follow following steps to achieve it.
Following used:
1. mac_apt
2. DB browser for sqlite

  1. Using mac_apt, i connected to database command below on terminal ./mac_apt_singleplugin.app/Contents/MacOS/mac_apt_singleplugin -i ~/Library/Group\ Containers/group.com.apple.notes/NoteStore.sqlite -o ~/Desktop/Note/mactool/ NOTES

  2. This will create a Notes.csv in our output folder provided. It will have all the notes present.

  3. Open the CSV, You will see your note text in the column 'Data'. For me, the 'Data' didn't had complete text present, but was partial. To get entire note file i filtered on the 'Folder' (as i lost one specific folder data) and got 'ID' column.

  4. I connected to NoteStore.sqlite database using DB browser for sqlite

  5. Open the NoteStore.sqlite in SQLite Browser and run query as
    Click on each ZDATA entry and on the right side click 'Export'
  6. Save the blob as whatever_filename.gz
  7. Unzip the file using your preferred tool (i have used gunzip on Mac OS X)
  8. You will get your plaintext at the beginning of the file ( there is more than just plain text ).

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