Over the past days I've started to do my day-to-day (development) work on my iPad instead of the MacBook. I have the MacBook Pro always online and available to connect to over ssh but have a problem with vim over ssh (and screen, but without screen the behavior is the same). Whichever Terminal App I've tried, I couldn't get mouse scrolling to work with the touch screen. If I use another computer to connect to the MacBook, I can scroll through my code with the mouse or the touchpad (with set mouse=a). No luck on the iOS devices though. I think it's not a problem with the app as I've tried about each and every major terminal app for iOS that I can think of. Termius, Prompt 2, Blink each didn't provide me with a way to scroll through files using my finger.

For me, the primary question is: Is this even possible or am I wasting time here?

  • How do you want to initiate scrolling on an iPad? – nohillside Apr 1 '19 at 11:51
  • I hoped to have the same gesture available that I use to scroll the “normal” terminal output. If I use finger swiping up and down it seems to do the same thing that the mouse wheel does in the terminal on a Mac. If I use the wheel in Terminal running vi(m), it scrolls through the open file. – olik79 Apr 1 '19 at 16:48

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