I'm reasonably new at Numbers, so looking for some guidance for a problem I believe should be solvable. I've created a spreadsheet which includes a list of athletes and their corresponding brand sponsors, broken down by brand category. My goal is to be able to take this manually inputted data and create a list for each brand name listing the athletes they sponsor. Ideally, there would be a separate sheet for each brand category, which would include a list for each brand within that category.

Using the Categories tab does start to get the result I'm looking for, but when reviewing it requires constantly making changes to the category sorting. Also from what I can tell, it seems Categories and Filter are more geared toward analyzing numbers rather than text. If I could have different sheets to summarize the data that I could just thumb through sheet by sheet, that would be ideal and require no further user interaction once set up.

Attached is a preview of my sheet to give a better idea of the data I've inputted I'm looking to reorganize. enter image description here enter image description here

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